Jul 24, 2011

As You Like It: Act II: Scene II

Q. Mention two actions of human beings which are criticised by Jaques. 
        Among the lords attending upon Duke Senior is Jaques, a meditative
kind of man, who, however, has a cynical outlook upon life. The
importance of this man lies in himself, as a person distinguished from
all others by his melancholy and philosophical remarks. 
        Jaques says that the deer is weeping into the stream in the same ways
as rich people leave their wealth to those who are already rich. And
the herd of deer behaves in the same manner in which over-prosperous
people behave towards those who are in distress. Many human beings,
who are enjoying prosperity and wellness, pay no heed to those who are
in misery. In this way Jaques speaks in severe and harsh terms about
mankind, and criticizes and condemns people whether living in the
country, in the city, or at the court. 
First Lord: 
I can not hear of any that did see her.
The ladies, her attendants of her chamber.
Saw her a-bed: and in the morning early.
They found the bed untreasur’d of their mistress. 
Second Lord: 
My lord, the roynish clown, at whom so oft
Your Grace was wont to laugh, is also missing.
Hisperia, the princess’ gentlewoman,
Confess that she secretly o’erheard
Your daughter and her cousin much commend
The parts and graces of the wrestler
That did but lately foil the sinewy Charles: 
i) Where does the scene take place? Who are present at the scene? What
is being talked about? 
        The scene takes place in a room of Frederick’s palace. 
        The Duke Frederick, his lords and attendants are present in the
        The sudden disappearance of Rosalind, Celia from the palace and the
court jester Touchstone also being absent in the dukedom are being
talked about here. 
ii) What did the first lord say about the runaways? 
        The first lord reported that he had not heard anybody tell him that
he saw his (Frederick’s) daughter. The women-folk attending upon her
in her apartment saw her going to bed last night, but early in the
morning they found the bed empty and their noble princess gone. 
iii) What is meant by the roynish clown? Name the clown referred to in
the extract. What is suspected about the clown? 
        A roynish clown is a vulgar or contemptible clown. 
Touchstone, who is suspected of assisting the princesses to run away
from the palace, is being referred here. 
iv) What does Hisperia confess that can give some clue about the
vanished cousin? What makes her think that the victorious wrestler
could be in the company of the cousins? 
        Hisperia, the maid of the princesses, confesses that she secretly
overheard the Duke’s (Frederick) daughter and his niece greatly
praising the qualities and the accomplishments of the wrestler
(Orlando) who not so long ago overthrew the muscular Charles. 
        All these praises of the two princesses make Hisperia convinced that
wherever the two ladies have gone, the young man is surely with them. 
v) Give the meaning of: 
a) They found the bed untreasur’d of their mistress: 
-They found the bed empty and their pretty occupants gone. 
b) The parts and graces of the wrestler: 
        - The qualities and the accomplishments of the wrestler. 

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